Thanks to events like Camden’s Concert, the life expectancy of CF patients is now up to 41 years old. This is up 3 years from when Camden’s Concert started so your donations are working! Under promising research being conducted today, it is very possible to visualize a day when cystic fibrosis can be treated, allowing its victims to live normal lives.

Fortunately, Camden, who is now 11, has been extremely healthy to date, and unlike many other CF kids has not yet had to be hospitalized. Camden’s diagnosis was changed from CF to CRMS four years ago and no longer has to take the medicines and do all of the physical therapy associated with clearing the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients. For some strange reason his genes are now working just enough to make him healthy. This is a rare, almost unprecedented occurrence. We are extremely fortunate that his diagnosis has changed but this will not be the case for most people with CF.

Most CF Patients start the day with almost an hour of nebulized drugs and wear a percussive vest to help break up thick mucus in their lungs. Because CF also blocks digestive enzymes from leaving their pancreas, they takes enzyme pills with every meal. When they come home at the end of the day they again go though the same nebulized drug treatment and percussive therapy as is done in the morning. The only thing that will help these patients is a cure.

It is easy to look at these things as a burden but each and every drug and therapy patients  use is a breakthrough that helps them live a normal healthy life. These drugs and treatments were developed because of funding from people like yourself.

Our dream is that all other CF patients are some day able to get rid of most of their drugs and are freed of the need for physical treatments, enzymes with every meal and most of all we look forward to a CF diagnosis not leading to a shortened life span. Camden has seen an amazing change in the quality of his life not having to worry about those things and we want that for everyone with CF.

One of Camden’s favorite activities is to try to play the guitar and mandolin so it seems fitting that we use music to help find a cure. And we will. We are closer than ever to a cure for cystic fibrosis and with your help thousands of kids with CF will grow up to live long healthy lives.